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Game Day Early Closure

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Sep 032015


The Film Equipment Room Closes at Noon this Thursday:

The university will be ceasing normal operations at Noon, Thursday, September 3rd due to the football home game against FIU. This includes all of the School of Visual Arts & Design, the Film Program, and Film Operations. Please make note that the Film Equipment Room will be closing its doors at Noon and will not reopen for business until 8:30am, Friday, September 4th. Charge On!


“And that’s the way it is.”

General Casting Call 2015

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Aug 282015


In an effort to better facilitate the learning of effective casting and to help students find talented, trained professional actors to appear in their films, the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design has partnered with Truthful Acting Studios to host a General Casting Call at the start of every Fall semester. This year’s General Casting Call event will take place on Saturday, September 12th at the UCF Center for Emerging Media in downtown Orlando. This day begins at 10am and ends at 6pm.

Interested STUDENTS, please visit the student event website to find out additional information on how to participate.

Interested ACTORS, please visit the official event website to find out additional information on how to participate and reserve an audition.