Oct 132017

All Film Program workstations, suites, and classrooms have been updated to the latest release of Adobe CC 2017 (v11.1.2) and macOS Sierra (v10.12.6). We strongly recommend any student running Premiere Pro v11.1.0 to update as soon as possible as some of our stand-a-lone users have reported problems with project and media files being unintentionally deleted due to a known bug in that release. This issue has been resolved in the latest stable release, version 11.1.2.

Installations of Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio have been updated to version 14.0.1.

Students who are using Adobe CC on their personal computers should wait to upgrade to the recent 2018 release of CC in order to keep compatibility with UCF’s post-production environment. Instructions on how to walk back an Adobe CC 2018 installation to Adobe CC 2017 can be found here. For a full list of the currently supported software versions, please visit the software section of this site.

Nov 062016


Please wait to update to Adobe CC 2017. Students who wish to move their editorial projects between Film Program workstations and their home computers should wait to run application updates and ignore when prompted to do so by software developers (aka pushed update alerts). Film Operations thoroughly tests new application version releases for stability and compatibility with other critical applications, utilities, and our overall workflow infrastructure before they are deployed. Often software developers release versions of their application to the public that has undergone limited testing. It is not uncommon for an issue to present itself after it has been installed on the variety of hardware/software combinations, which make up the public user group, that were not present during the isolated testing phase. Developers will deploy a follow up patch update to correct any new bugs after the fact, but sometimes this can take weeks or even months for a proper solution to arrive leaving previously fully functional workstations hamstrung in the meantime.

Students who choose to immediately update applications on their personal computers to version release numbers that are not currently supported by Film Operations do so at their own risk as some updates are not easily backwards compatible with previous versions. We are unable to provide compatibility solutions for unsupported versions of application software and operating systems. PLEASE WAIT TO UPDATE!

  • A list of currently supported versions of software can be found here.
  • Instructions on how to roll your Adobe CC installation back to a previous version can be found here.
  • Instructions on how to export XML files from Adobe CC Premiere Pro can be found here.