Dec 172014

As part of an equipment and facilities upgrade to the auditorium in the Visual Arts Building (VAB), furnished by a 2013-2014 UCF Technology Fee award, the Film Program at the School of Visual Arts & Design now has access to a Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) compliant cinema exhibition space. The VAB Auditorium is a 454 seat mixed use venue design to also support general classroom use and live performance events.


The principal use of this facility is to provide a verification and exhibition point for student generated Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) of completed film projects. A secondary use is a highly anticipated opportunity for UCF to begin contributing to the cinema viewing culture of Orlando, and the greater Central Florida area, by curating rare and hard to access independent and international cinema.


The final phase of construction is now underway. This includes acoustical paneling and cinema drapery, additional surround sound speakers and amps, professional Dolby Digital cinema surround sound processor, EQ system, and patch panel. The beginning phase was completed during the Summer of 2014, it included the installation of a Barco DCI compliant digital cinema projection system, new 30ft projection screen, LED walkway lighting, active ventilation, electrical service improvements, and other necessary improvements.


This project is on track for completion by the start of the Spring 2015 semester. The Directing II Screener in early February will be its premier event. We look forward to having you there!


“And That’s The Way It Is.”


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