Mar 082017
We are proud to announce the first ever call for submissions for films created by Film B.A students!

For the first time ever, Film – Cinema Studies Track, BA majors have the opportunity to show films that they have created in front of friends and family on Friday, May 5, 2017, as part of the Year-End Screener events in the VAB 132 auditorium!

An eligible submission must be:

  1. Submitted by a Cinema Studies Major who wrote, directed, produced, or did a combination of the three on the project.
  2. Have been completed between summer of 2016 and April 10th 2017
  3. Be between 2-15 minutes in length
  4. In addition, the film must fit the technical specs (in the outline section, under “Screener Delivery”).

To submit, please first fill out the UCF BA Film Submission Form.

After submitting your form, the QuickTime (.MOV) file of your film (along with the additional materials required in the Screener Delivery outline) should be brought via hard/flash drive to the Film Equipment Room (Nicholson School of Communication building, Room 157) and copied to the BA Screener dropbox folder located on the computer at the operations desk. Please keep in mind that the Art and Film Lab, located in VAB 104 is available for all majors to use. It provides access to both Apple ProRes 422 codec for final export of your film (required per the Screener Delivery outline). Students can also export using the Avid DNxHD 220 codec found in the free downloads of Avid LE Codecs and Quicktime 7 (Mac) and (Win), which is also now an accepted deliverable format. An updated Screener Delivery outline that will included expanded format support is going to be published in the upcoming weeks. Keep and eye out for it at the same link is the current one.

Final deadline for submissions is 4:30pm on April 10th.

No work received after this date will be considered. No work will be considered without both a completed online form and the required materials delivered to the Film Equipment Room.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!

If you would like to know more about how to get involved with the screening event or programming, please contact:

Tim Kujawa
BA Exhibition Event Director

Hannah Mitchell
BA Exhibition Program Director

Katherine Shults
Faculty Advisor


A Note About Content & Insurance for the BA Exhibition:

The Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design requires students to adhere to guidelines regarding what kinds of activities/content can be filmed when producing official course work on productions utilizing UCF/SVAD Film Program equipment and facilities, under direct faculty oversight. These restrictions are enforced in BA and BFA courses, but do not restrict students’ extra curricular activities, outside of university courses, in which they assume personal liability for their own activities/productions. As such, content submitted for the BA Exhibition event, made by students on their own time, using their own equipment, outside of official course work and faculty oversight; are not restricted by these insurance guidelines. However, the content selected for the BA Screener is subject to the discretion of a student committee and faculty sponsor.

For more details on the production insurance, please refer to the UCF/SVAD Film Program’s Production and Exhibition Handbook.

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