Sep 012017

This year’s Fall Showcase is at 7pm on Friday, September 8th (following the Production Meet and Greet ending at 6pm) has been postponed due to the impending landfall of hurricane Irma moving UCF Football vs Memphis to this Friday night. We will notify everyone when a new date and time is selected.

The program for the 2017-2018 Fall Showcase is as follows:

  • A Grave Matter – Dylan Thompson (Capstone) – A kidnapping goes awry when two hit men realize they’ve nabbed the wrong guy.
  • Jimbo’s Limbo – Daniel Reinert (D1) – Jim is skeptical when his co-worker tells him that cracking his neck will cause a release of residual LSD.
  • Engaging Conversation – Stanley Swindling (D2) – Two couples meet in the park, each hiding a secret. It gets weird.
  • Eleven – Blayne Parker (Capstone) – A battered detective’s tormenting past resurfaces during a case
  • Abandoned – Kathryn Jenkins (D2) – A young woman explores a house , and while looking for resources, is forced to remember what she has lost.
  • Me and Her – Alejandro Watson (IS) – The relationship of two long time friends evolves.
  • Parece Que Va A Llover – Christopher Campa (D2) – A mother and son struggle to make a home for themselves within the confines of a Kissimmee motel.
  • Mark – Olivia Wilson (D1) – Mark and Adrian tacitly experience the destructiveness that their ignorance has on their relationship.
  • If Found, Please Return – Sydney Ray (Capstone – Grant Winner) – A kleptomaniac named Charlie steals a diary detailing a life of a woman working through chronic depression.
  • Strangers – Andres Erickson (D1) – A young couple consumed by technology is forced to “meet again” when their everyday routine comes to a sudden halt.
  • Forget Me Not – Sarah Ballard (D2) – An exploration of the natural complexities within a maternal relationship, or lack thereof.
  • Where Have I Been Before – Dylan Alexander Thompson (D1) – An unconventional look at the influence of the internet and technological trends of the modern era.
  • We Love You, Stephanie – Sara Ambra (Capstone) – “Good luck in your first semester, Stephy! You’re our rising star! Love, Mom, Dad, and Tabitha”
  • So The Other Day in Daytona Beach – Josh Evangelista (Capstone) – Two talkative people share anecdotes while loitering around Daytona Beach.
  • Diamond Days – Julian Baner (Capstone) – “Sometimes when I’m thinking about old stuff, I get so confused…”

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