Instructional Workshops


Through out the year, Film Operations hosts a series of Instructional Workshops designed to help increase the logistical and technical knowledge of our student filmmakers. Each workshop is a gathering open to all Film Program students interested in learning and discussing the latest equipment and facilities provided by the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design. These workshops are led by experienced staff and/or guest speakers who possess a strong working knowledge of each technological focus and are offered at their availability. Please keep an eye out for notifications from Film Operations for workshop announcements.

General Workshops


An introduction to common camera systems:

  • Camera bodies;
  • Lenses;
  • Support rigs;
  • Tripods;
  • Cables;
  • And more.

An introduction to sound equipment used for basic vocal field recordings, primarily to acquire sync dialogue:

  • Field recorders;
  • Microphones;
  • Cables;
  • Wind protection;
  • Boom poles;
  • And more.

An introduction to lighting fixtures and variety of source types available for motion picture photography:

  • Tungsten-quartz lighting fixtures;
  • HMI lighting fixtures;
  • Fluorescent lighting fixtures;
  • LED lighting fixtures;
  • Troubleshooting & changing globes;
  • And more.

An introduction to household power and how to manage it on a production location set:

  • Basic electrical knowledge
  • Small gauge electrical cables;
  • House-hold outlet capacities;
  • Volt meters;
  • Calculating power loads;
  • And more.

An introduction to the tools used to craft and shape light:

  • Flags;
  • Rags;
  • Bags;
  • Bounces;
  • Stands;
  • And more.

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Camera: Sony PMW-F3 Camera Package

This advanced workshop will serve as an overview of the Sony PMW-F3 camera system, AJA Ki Pro Mini Recorder, and SLOG 10-Bit 422 workflow. Students who are in attendance will be expected to already have an intermediate understanding of camera fundamentals and digital workflows. There will be a strong emphasis on proper camera handling and operation. Students who attend this class will be qualified to use the Sony PMW-F3 Camera Package and it is mandatory for both the student filmmaker and their Director of Photography to attend if they plan on checking out the F3 from the Film Equipment Room.

Advanced Grip: Camera Movement

Learn about the grip tools behind complex camera movements:

  • Learn how to properly lay dolly track;
  • camera dolly operation and techniques;
  • Jib assembly and techniques.
Sound Stage: Rigging, Safety & Procedures

This is mandatory for any student who wishes to have their production on either the main campus Sound Stage (located in the Nicholson School of Communication Building) or the Studio 500 (located in the Center for Emerging Media Building). The focus of this workshop will be:

  • Learn how to properly hang lighting instruments, electrical cables, and other objects securely from the grid;
  • Proper operation of lift equipment;
  • Explanation of grip and lighting equipment typically used while shooting on stage;
  • Basic programing and operation of the dimming board.
Sound Stage: Electrical Distribution

This is mandatory for any student who wishes to have their production on either the main campus Sound Stage (located in the Nicholson School of Communication Building) or the Studio 500 (located in the Center for Emerging Media Building). The focus of this workshop will be:

  • Heavy gauge power cables & connectors;
  • Distro boxes;
  • Three phase power;
  • Clamp & frequency meters;
  • Balancing power loads.
Sound Stage: Flats, Construction & Painting

This is mandatory for any student who wishes to construct a set using the Film Program’s inventory of stage flats and wood-working tools. The focus of this workshop will be:

  • Proper handling and assembly of stage flats;
  • How to safely use saws, drills, sanders, etc;
  • Painting and clean up procedures.