Technology Support & Services


Film Operations provides tech support for Film production equipment, computer workstations, various types of software, as well as media services for faculty, students and staff of the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design. Instructional outlinesvideos, guidesworkshops, and white papers & manuals are also available to help with equipment and facility training. Users are encouraged to explore and utilize these resources as many of the questions you may have can easily be found there.

Technology Support

Disclaimer: Film Operations’ official support responsibilities are limited to equipment and facilities owned and operated by the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design. However, we can advise students, faculty, & staff on solutions for troubleshooting issues with their personally owned equipment, but we do so at our convenience and discretion. We take no responsibilities for how you choose to administer said advice and for the outcomes it generates.

Film Operations provides specialized technical support for:

  • Electronic Cinema
  • Film & Video Camera Systems
  • Sound Recording & Reproduction
  • Lighting for Film & Video
  • Non-Linear Editing & Post-Production Workflows
  • PC & Mac Workstations
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Film & Video Projection & Exhibition
  • Film & Video Archiving & Preservation

Media Services

Film Operations offers a variety of Media Services to Film Program students, faculty, and staff. These services include:

  • Media File Encoding, Transcoding, & Decoding
  • Video Frame Rate Blending & Interpolation
  • Hard Disk Drive, Solid-State Drive Formatting
  • Data Recovery (Limited)
  • Optical Media Production
  • Tape Media Capture & Digitization (3/4″ U-Matic, 1/2″ BETACAM SP & VHS / SVHS, 1/4″ DVCAM & DV)
  • 8mm & 16mm Telecine – Film to SD Video Transfer

Unfortunately, these services are time demanding and resources are limited, so we require at least 2 weeks to process any tape based or large quantity optical media requests and up to 30 days for film to video telecine. Also, we can not always immediately accommodate walk-ins, so it is always best to make an appointment with the Film Operations Desk.

College / University Level Technology Support

College of Arts & Humanities
  • CAH Manager – Resource portal for College of Arts and Humanities faculty and staff. Use to update faculty/staff website profiles, upload digital versions of syllabi, edit website course descriptions, view course lists, and more.
University of Central Florida
  • NID Password Reset – Online tool for resetting your UCF Network ID passwords.
  • UCF IT – General computer and software technology support as well as information and guides to using university web services, portals, email, networks, and other technologies that are available to students, faculty, and staff members.
  • Student Support Desk – On campus computer / electronic repair and maintenance shop.
  • Technology Product Center – UCF’s official and authorized campus computer and electronics store.
  • Office of Instructional Resources – General classroom tech support, faculty and student research. The mission of the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) is to support the academic, research, and administrative goals of the University of Central Florida utilizing multimedia, interactive, and digital media resources. OIR provides support for designated classrooms as well as an array of technologies and services to assist faculty and staff. Please visit their site for more detailed information.