In an effort to better facilitate the learning of effective casting and to help students find talented, trained professional actors to appear in their films, the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design has partnered with Truthful Acting Studios to host a General Casting Call at the start of every Fall semester. Actors will have the chance to audition for dozens of student directors with films heading into production; students will be able to participate in a real casting session and learn effective casting skills under direct guidance from UCF faculty and the directing team from Truthful Acting Studios, Marco DiGeorge and Robb Maus. At the end of the day an informal postmortem will be held for actors and students to talk/learn about the casting process and their experiences during casting sessions. This will be followed by a Casting Meet & Greet to provide time for everyone to mingle and discuss upcoming projects. The UCF/SVAD Film Program is excited to offer this annual event to enhance the relationship between its filmmakers and area actors.



When Can You Audition

The next General Casting Call will most likely be held during the second weekend of September, 2018. Please check back in August for updates on how to participate and final event information.