Policies & Procedures


UCF/SVAD Student Handbooks

The following handbooks outline the policies and procedures of the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design. Please use them to help you to understand and navigate the nature of our creative environment. You are expected to know this information. Read these documents carefully, as you will be held accountable for any violations to them:

UCF/SVAD Film Program Production and Exhibition Handbook 2016-2017 DRAFTv3.1UCF Golden Rule Student HandbookGraduate Program Handbook – Emerging Media Track in Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema

P&E Handbook Appendix

The following documents make up the Appendix section of the UCF/SVAD Film Program Production and Exhibition Handbook:

Student Acknowledgement and Receipt of P&E Handbook FormUCF/SVAD Film Program Production Student Insurance Agreement FormUCF/SVAD Film Program Uninsured Activity Application Packet UCF/SVAD Film Program Disclosure Agreement FormRequest for Certificate of InsuranceUCF/SVAD Production Volunteer Agreement FormUCF/SVAD Location Agreement FormUCF/SVAD Actor Agreement FormOrlando Film Commission Permit Request Form


Equipment Checkout Process

The following video gives an overview of the basic procedural steps students should follow in order to check-out equipment for their class assignments. Please refer the checkout policy laid out in the UCF/SVAD Film Program Production and Exhibition Handbook for the most current procedures.


University property and facilities can not be used for personal commercial gains. It is against state law, so please don’t even ask.