Access Cards & Keys


During your time at the Film Program at the UCF School of Visual Arts & Design you will most likely need to gain entry into one of our limited access areas. Some of these areas are accessible by having your UCF ID card programmed for entry and others require you to check-out preprogramed access cards or even physical keys.


Your UCF ID card will be your primary means of accessing limited access areas (if you have not picked one up yet, get one at Card Services). Once you have your UCF ID card you’ll have to have it programmed at the beginning of each semester to activate your current access tier (for more information about access tiers, see Access Privileges). To have your card activated, you will need to stop by the Film Operations Desk (located in the Film Equipment Room | NSC-157) at the start of each semester (undergraduate students only).

ATTENTION! If you are currently living in a UCF dormitory and use your UCF ID to gain access to your dorm room, please declare this so that a generic substitute card can be given to you instead of having your ID scanned. If your ID is scanned by the Film Operations Desk you will no longer be able to open your dorm room.

Preprogramed Access Card

Some of the spaces in the Film Program’s production facilities require students to make reservations with the Operations Desk to gain entry (i.e. dedicated classrooms, Sound Stage, ADR / Foley Suite, Color Correction Suite, etc). Once a room is reserved, a pre-programmed access card is checked-out to the student for the duration of their reservation period. This card is then returned once the schedule period of time is over.


Most of the spaces in the Film Program’s production facilities are governed by electronic lock, however, some still require an old fashion physical key. Key requests must be made to the Operations Manager directly.

Access Privileges

As you progress through your degree, you unlock access to production spaces in the Film Program’s production facilities. Here is a breakdown of these spaces, who can gain entry, and when access is granted:

Nicholson School of Communication Building

The primary location of our undergraduate Film Program production facilities and Film Operations. Undergraduate student access to these facilities is available during the Fall and Spring semesters. Graduate student access lasts all year long.

Center for Emerging Media Building

The primary location of our graduate Film Program production facilities and home to UCF’s Studio 500. Undergraduate student access is limited to just during film productions at the Studio 500. Graduate student access to the CEM building and the Film Production Office is all year long.

Both of these facilities have access tiers depending on what classes you are currently enrolled in or have already taken, the degree you are seeking, and what year you are currently in.

Legend of Student Access:

Film Program Access Tiers

Breakdown of Facility Access Tiers:

  • Tier 1 – Access to the Film Production Lab | NSC-172;
  • Tier 2 – Access to the ADR / Foley / Sound Design & Color Correction Suites;
  • Tier 3 – Access to the Thesis Editing Suites as well as Tier 1, 2, & 3 areas;
  • Tier 4 – Access to the Studio 500 at the Center for Emerging Media as well as main campus Sound Stage | NSC-181A.