Who can checkout and reserve Film Program production and exhibition equipment and facilities?


Film Program equipment and facilities are available for use by program faculty, staff, and students who are currently enrolled in supported production courses and approved independent studies. Below is a list of supported production courses. The most accurate and up-to-date list of supported production courses can be found in the UCF/SVAD Film Program Production and Exhibition Handbook which is hosted on our Policies and Procedures page.

  • FIL2461 Cinematography I
  • FIL2480 Directing for Film I
  • FIL2552 Editing I*
  • FIL3427C Intro to Film Production*
  • FIL3534 Sound Design for Film I
  • FIL3876C Experimental Cinema I
  • FIL3877C Experimental Cinema II
  • FIL3930H Advanced Documentary Workshop (Honors)
  • FIL4162C Feature / TV Writing I*
  • FIL4163C Feature / TV Writing II*
  • FIL4301C Documentary Workshop I
  • FIL4302C Documentary Workshop II
  • FIL4434C Capstone I
  • FIL4472C Cinematography II
  • FIL4486C Directing for Film II
  • FIL4487 Directing for Film III
  • FIL4535C Sound Design for Film II
  • FIL4566C Editing II*
  • FIL4573C Capstone II
  • FIL4436 Film Theory/Film Production
  • MFA Thesis Project– Enrollment in Thesis Hours is Required
  • Honors in the Major Thesis Project**
  • Independent Study Thesis Project**

* Limited to Film Production Lab NSC 172 access only.
** In order to appropriately manage program resources, the scope of these projects must be pre- approved by the Film Program’s Area Coordinator and Operations Manager.

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